Acrobatica Infiniti and More

Why, hello there! It's been a while hasn't it?! The end of May was marked by Acrobatica Infiniti's gala show in which I performed my act as the Dark Phoenix: Next Friday I will be debuting a new act (low single-point trapeze), costumed as Catwoman at Acrobatica Infiniti's "After Dark" show. In July I'll be [...]

Moisture Festival

Holy cow. Was it amazing. I had a wonderful time at the Moisture Festival. Everybody was so nice, Seattle is beautiful in the spring, and it was a fantastic learning experience. Plus, I got some fabulous new photos from David Rose, John Cornicello and Michelle Bates...and I got lovely new video footage, which I'll be working [...]

Back to Seattle

This time next week I'll be headed off to Seattle to perform for five nights at the famous and much-loved Moisture Festival! I'm nervous, but looking forward to it. In other big news, Acrobatica Infinti's Kickstarter campaign is live! Things are picking up speed. Please support and share! Now, for a brief retrospective moment... I [...]

Time Flies

Well, it'll March tomorrow, and I can't believe it! I spent the last couple months training and traveling with the wonderful Duo Rose. Now I'm back in Chicago, and I miss them already! No time to mope, though! Things are taking off for Acrobatica Inifiniti, so stay tuned on that front, and in April, I'll [...]

Happy Holidays!

Well, it's been a busy fall and now winding down for a holiday break! Acrobatica Infiniti is on its way to becoming a real thing! So excited about that. Check out the extended trailer! Here are a couple pics from Circus in Progress this past October: Also, I had the pleasure of being interviewed for 1,001 [...]

Projects in Progress

A couple weekends ago I had the pleasure of performing at Circus in Progress for the Actors Gymnasium. What a great show! And I got to meet lots of new, talented people. Also, I will be teaching an intermediate static trapeze workshop for the Actors Gymnasium in November and December, which I am very excited about! [...]

Acrobatica Infiniti: The Nerd Circus

Hey...hey, you. You know what you should do? Head over to Acrobatica Infiniti's Facebook page and give it a like! We also have a Tumblr, a Twitter and an Instagram. I am thrilled to be a part of this up and coming circus company. I have always loved the Dark Phoenix and now...I can actually be her. [...]

El Circo Cheapo and other awesome-sauce

Well, it has been a busy month...! I have been running around all over the Chicago area, re-familiarizing myself with the circus scene. I had the pleasure and privilege to learn doubles trapeze from Duo Rose with my base, Tank.Then I got to perform for the El Circo Cheapo Cabaret, which was thrilling. I should have some great [...]